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i started saints row 2 today & i love bb pierce & carlos but i know that so many ppl r gonna die so im like : ((((


Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?

No, but I served in a company of heroes.


…And how to drop off a resume, for first-timers.

  1. If you have no experience, try family. Do you have an uncle, brother, family friend or other trusted adult around who runs a business? It’s the best way to start off. It’s that reference that’ll get you your own job later on!
  2. If you don’t, start small. Get a mall job! Many small business won’t hire employees without references, so you might have to do your time in an apron or uniform first. I did! For many, many years. I’ve worked at 5 coffee shops!
  3. There are best times to drop off a resume. Early in the week is usually best, because managers get busier as the week goes on. Mornings are good, especially in retail/restaurants, unless it’s a place that serves breakfast. Figure out a slow time. Never approach someone if they look busy. Wait.
  4. DON’T GO IN WITH YOUR FRIENDS. I can’t stress this enough! It’s really unprofessional. Go alone and ask for a manager. Chances are if you just drop the resume off with a sales clerk, it won’t make it much further.
  5. Look the part. If you’re dropping off a resume at a dress shop, wear a dress. Figure out how the employees dress. Don’t show up in a hoodie, pulling your ratty old resume out of a backpack. No need for a shirt and tie if you’re applying at Cinnabon, but at least make sure you look like a tidy version of yourself. Pretend you’re going to see Grandma.
  6. Take the time to make a decent resume! Pages and Word both have really nice templates. Take advantage of them. My best tip? I always print my resumes on cardstock or other nice papers. It’s silly, but first impressions count. It looks like I mean business.
  7. Try and find out the name of the manager or person in charge of hiring, and address the resume to them. This shows that you’re not just looking for work, but that you’re looking to work for them.
  8. Don’t hang around and shop after you’ve dropped it off. Be courteous, polite and have a firm handshake. Smile, say thank you, and leave.
  9. If there’s a particular place you really, really want to work, stop by a few times before you ask if they’re hiring. Make a few purchases, be friendly to the employees. Get on their good side. If it’s a restaurant or other food service spot, tip well. Then, when you notice a bit of downtime, ask if they have any openings. Take it into account, come back another time.
  10. Brush your teeth.


hey guys! so i recently hit 1000 followers (god knows how) and i wanted to make a post about all the cool blogs i follow that you should too

s/o to freecss-gon for this really nice graphic!!


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this took way too long lmao



I have this problem where ‘the other day’ for me ranges from yesterday to around 5 years ago

and ‘a friend of mine’ is literally anybody i’ve ever heard of whose opinion i like


halloween’s coming early on tumblr




I’ve been listening to a lot of Edith Piaf lately.